What's new at the show

After a long travel, finally we arrived to Tucson for our participation to this 2013 edition.

The impression this year is that there is not so much participation of public to the show, even if most of the exihibitors of minerals were concentrated in the Tucson ill  and Old pueblo hotels, quite better for mineral hunting.

This year there were not so much news from the mineralogical world, and most of the specimens were priced at very very high levels, it is really difficult to find good specimens at affordable prices , but looking carefully for good specimens we could as usual find some interesting and great specimens.

Here below you can enjoy enjoy some pictures of the mineralogic wolrd and of the unique athmosphere of the Show.

This year's theme is fluorite, and just following the theme we have to say that some interesting relatively new find of luoite have been made, first of all octahedric pink fluorites from Inner Mongolia, China, in aesthetic and unusual associations with hedembergite, prase quartz ,

Spectacular octahedric crystals of pink fluorite in crystals of 5-10 cm from Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.), Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
  The same mine from inner Mongolia gave other very interesting associations, amon them spectacular Helvites in association with quartz . Crystals up to 2-3 cm of intense brown color.
Not only pink fluorite, but also purple Other Helvites...
Helvites An interesing new assoctiation from China, fluorite cubes with internal phantom rotated of 45 degrees..... in addition,this very peculiar crystals are spread aesthetically over pink Magnesite.... Very few pieces at too high prices, but very interesting.

Being in America, we found a number of intersting sčecimens ffrom ths great nation, new finds of barites from Iowa, in very large crystals, associated with sometimes huge crystals of calcite

A monster calcite

And the classic but always fashinating rubellites from Pala district, Caifornia

Tucson show is not only minerals, but clearly fossils, and other associated crafts, like some very realistic Dyno's reconstructions spread over the grass of Tucson inn


This is the first time i have seen Dyno's packed

The indicolite car...

Coming back to minerals,not new , but very impressive, some Beintoites from an old collection.

Cystals over 1-2 cm of intense blue color

Gemmy benitoite


40 cm plate fully covered by crystals

.A selection of classic and always beautiful crystals

Rhodo from sweet home mine

Rubellite from Pala


...will continue