What's new at the show

Here we are to the second report of the 2013 Tucson show. We have continued the trips and visits to  the different dealers ,

Tucson and Arizona are always fantastic in this season, about 25 C, having left Italy under snow... Weather is good also for motocycling, and Harley Davison is  a great moto.

Electric park rock and gem show


Going back to minerals, Asia carries always  great specimens, in addition to China , some news from India, with a new find of emerald green very intense color Apophyllites, large orange chabazites over scolecite, other classical and suberb zeolites. From Iran some  botroydal orange to yellow mimetite and a new find of Crocoite from Tasmania, in perfect prismatic, terminated crystals. Finally, from Japan, quartz crystals with Cokeite phantoms and for the quartz lovers a new find of blue quartz from Pakistan.

Orange Chabazite

Orange chabazite over scolecite

teOrange Mimetite from IRAN

Last Find of crocoite from Adelaide mine

Blue Quartz with tourmaline

Quartz with cokeite phamtoms

South America

Brochantite from Milpillas mine, Mexico, in crystals of 2-3 cm

A spectacular "rose" of green Vivianite, gem quality, from Bolivia

A classic green to pink elbaite on quartz from Cruzeiro mine, Brazil

a 4 cm intense blue Euclase from Colombia


Large pseudomorph of copper afer cuprite from Dzhezkazgan, Karaganda Oblast', Kazakhstan

Mineral wines from California


...will continue