What's new at the show

We continue the report of our Tucson 2013.

After the  first days with the mineral "fewer" we are taking some more relax and enjoying the show and the wonderful Arizona landscapes and natural beauty.

This year the weather is very good, with sunshine all the time and 20-25░C , really nice in this period, when in Italy is deep winter .....

Most of the visitors enjoyed the sun and severals were even taking baths in the numerous swimming pools of the different hotels...

This is Tucson......

As usual we continue to search for great minerals, both new findings ( not so many ) and classical specimens, expecially from North America, here below a selection of some of the specimens  we have seen

A classic specimen, large well formed Rhodonite crystals of an intense pink color from Franklin, NJ
A new find from New Mexico, Halite in blue to puprple color on white sylvite matrix in 5-10 cm crystals.
A Large 1+ cm deep blue Boleite from Boleo , Mexico Gemmy, large orange spessartine from Asbestos, Canada
A really beautiful and uncommon Carletonite from Mt st Hilaire, Canada A classic blue Fluorite from Illinois

We decided to visit a classic l˛ocality very close to Tucson, the Old Yuma mine, 10 minutes from Tucson in the Saguaro Park .

The mine is very famous for its wulfenites and vanadinites, today it is in a park and therefore minerals collectin here is prohibited. 







.....will continue