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Like every year, the Tucson exhibition marks  the beginning of the new mineralogical year ,  the main show where to see the newest  findings in the mineralogcal market, the best material in the stocks of the largest  dealers, and when possible, to measure trends in prices and interest from the public. 

One can safely say, without much fear of being wrong, that the exhibition of Tucson is the most complete of the world: in terms of quantity and quality of material, and duration (it lasts almost twenty days!), in terms of number of exhibitions (between official exhibitions, exhibition halls, private spaces, etc.. occupies virtually an entire city!). 

In terms of content, however, it has certain limits, being only partially represented some regions (Africa and Europe for example) and some collection typologies.

The 2008 edition of the event, from a logistical point of view, is characterized by the creation of the Inn Suites as center of the event, where most of the main dealers and researchers have their exhibitions. Clearly there were collateral mineralogical exhibitions and a few other Hotels and tends with minerals, but of lower interest .. Finally then there are all the other events (gems, jewellery, handicrafts , carpets, etc.. etc..) within which it is always possible to find, it is not clear under what principle, some exhibition of minerals ; in addition to all these ' official'  events there are private exhibitions where individual exhibitors disply their own minerals outside the official spaces...

From this description you can understand why visiting the  mineral exhibition in Tucson involves so much time, the frenetic movement from one part of the city to the other , ... and at the end you have always the feeling of having lost a good piece.

The quality of the material offered in the 2008 edition has not been exceptional, with the exception of certain specimens  from old collections, overall there was a predominant presence of  medium-low quality material. Regarding the prices, instead, we have regisered the trend of spreading the price ranges between specimens of medium-high level compared with pieces of Low quality: normally any specimen with good aesthetics or rare automatically assumed a price with too many zeros!

In the 2008 edition we have not seen particular or outstanding new discoveries, although some new or particular material was present through the stands . Regarding the participation of the public it is certainly difficult to assess, given the vastity and fragmentation of the event, but in any case we did not find any dealer not satisfied, and perhaps this is the best indication that this is still a very ineresting, satisfying event for any dealer and collector .