News from the mineralogical market

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Below is a personal brief summary of the most important news from the mineralogical market and the main findings we have seen in this edition of the event: 

North America  

Nice transparent honey Fluorites on Celestine from Ohio, Good quality amazonies, beautiful barite on intense orange-brown color, over all fantastic Pyromorphites from Bunker Hill occupying the whole room of J Cornish

Pyromorphite from Bunker Hill - USA
Chalcantite from La Paz - AZ - USA Gold from California - USA
Golden Barite from USA Tyiayumanite - AZ - USA

Central America

From Central America and in particular from Mexico some new findings and in addition some classic specimens always of great interest. Among new and significant findings we highlight elegant bipyramidal Wulfenites sometimes on green Hemimorphite, Azurites in bright beautiful blue crystals on Malachite and finally very interesting crystalizations of Kosalite in showy specimens. Among the classic minerals Creedite, Vera Cruz Amethyst ( rather pale as color ) at very low prices in large quantities.

Azurite from Mexico Wulfenite from Mexico

South  America

Rhodonite & Quartz from Peru Hubnerite & Quartz from Peru
Parisite - Pita - Colombia Apatite & Emerald from Colombia


Ajoite from South Africa Spessartine from Tanzania
Calcite from Madagascar  


From Asia a series of very interesting material such as Iran Demantoides in large floeater crystals, Hemlinite from Japan with crystals of blue intense color up to 0.8 cm, quartz clusers of aesthetic hematoid quartz from Kazakhstan

Demantoid from Iran Amethyst from India
Hematoid Quartz from Kazakhestan Colombite from Pakistan
Pentagonite from India  



From China perhaps some of the most important news of the show with wonderful Euclases in perfect crystals up to 2 cm, some specimens of outstanding Acanthite and Silver, a new finding of Orthoclase associated with smoky Quartz, and then a new finding of high quality Pyromorphite of a great green lucent color 

Bournonite Orthoclase & Black Quartz - Fujan, China
Pyrite Concretion - Sichuan, China Pyromorphite from China
Gemmy Cassiterite from Yunnan  


To be highlighted some Azurite concretions of intense blue color on white matrix and some outstanding specimens of Crocoite.

Azurite Crocoite
Magnetite from Australia