Here we are again in the  most famous of the minerals shows in the world.  In this section we tray to transmit you the feeling of the show, the news and the information from mineral collectors world.    We hope  that our effort  in doing this report will be appreciated and you'll enjoy the visit of the show toghter with us.

Tucson Hotel -  Arizona Minerals & Fossil Show Febraury 3Welcome to our first update directly from the Tucson show   , were we found severals selected collector pieces ..Enjoy
Quality Inn -  Arizona Minerals & Fossil Show Febraury 9 -  A new rich update from Tucson show: Tanzania with Tanzanite, Diopside, Tsavorite; Pakistan with Morganite; Austalia with Rhodonite and Pyromorphite on Malachite,  ..and much more!  Enjoy
Marketplace ...& more Febraury 16 -  A new rich update from Tucson show: selection of specimens from USA with new amethyst scepter from Montana, nice Amazonite from Colorado and interesting Barrerites from Alaska; from  China a lot of new material from Inner Mongolia (pink fluorites, golden Siderite, new Andradites, ecc); from  South Africa colored Sturmanites, Ettringites ecc,  to finish gemmy emerald from Colombia ...and as usual much more. 
Days Inn, Rapa River and Riverpark Inn
Westword Look Show Febraury 28 -   our last  update dedicated to  Tucson minerals show:   here a selection of specimens from Pakistan with new Hessonite crystals, China with mixed specimens from Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and more, USA with interesting Almandine from Alaska, golden Fluorite from Ohaio; from  Mexico with new interesting Sulfides from Guanajanto and other things  ...and as usual much more.
The MainShow
Final Considerations TUCSON 2012 -  ...from here you can see all our offer from Tucson Show 2012



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