Updated Feb 5

Arizona Minerals & Fossil Show

Tucson Hotel

Sunny weather and hot temperature: ...there are same dinosaurs that are walking in the park!!!!   Usual relaxed enviroment and many  people looking for rocks.   Here we start our Tucson 2012....



Outstanding Vivianite crystals from Huanuny, Bolivia,  a recent find with aggregate of crystals till 25 cm, gemmy and green


...as usual a lot of gold from a lot of localities in the world: nugget, crystals big and small, ....but all very expensive  (...also here it's possible verify that price of gold is very high in the market)


From China a lot of new find : Fluorites, Calcites , Siderite , Hedembergite and more....

Perfectly trasparent Fluorite crystals with complex habit: it look like the better quality from Dal'negorsk

Pink Fluorite over arsenopyrite from Mongolia, ...it look like the ones from Perý

Rhodocrosite from Wutong mine China: good quality available

Red Wulfenite: very few specimens till now (...these are the only we have seen)

Rare Genthelvite: but only one piece till now ...same good stuff of Fluorite: but we hope to find something better in the other hotel
Outstanding big  Ilvaite in association with Prase Quartz New Helvite on Calcite from Mongolia


...a funny thing from India: puffy of red Scolecte crystals covered with a crust of Chalcedony

A classic from America: gemmy golden Baryte from South Dakota, ...a lot available but very few with good quality (...and always with high price!)


....several  Tanzanite crystals  and association from Merelani Tanzania Nice pieces from the Uli Bahmann collection are spread to different dealers . Among them  same good quality Rhodocrosite specimens from South Africa, ...the price are always high .....but there are choice available!!!


Outstanding new Hessonite big crystals (till 3 cm) from Pakistan: deep red colour and nice aggregate (...till now only four specimens available) From pakistan a lot of oustanding specimens: here a very gemmy Apatite


A new find of outstanding watermelon Tourmaline from  from Mozambico in big crystals (..till 15 cm) and nice aggregate. Nice gemmy emerald from Brasil: ..ok, the colombian are better but are always emerald!!!


Another classic from USA: outstanding Amazonite crystals very showy with black quartz A new find of Scepter Amethyst Quartz from Montana: big and showy specimens (....that remember the old Korean amethyst)


Outstanding Crocoite from Australia: amazing red colour and big strong crystals ...around same good staff from classic localities from Australia: here two samples of Rhodonite

big globular deep green Mottramite from Mexico ...few specimens of rare Anorpiment from Peru


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