update 31/01

Arizona Minerals & Fossil Show

Quality Inn

Always sunny weather (....we haven't to think to the very cold temperature in Italy else we'll miss the our fly next week!!).  Anyway here a short report on Arizona Minerals and Fossil Show in Quality Inn Hotel: as usual the hotel with mainly chinese, indian and russian dealers.


Many new material from China, also maybe the most important thing is the new specimens from Inner Mongolia.

...a good stuff of pink fluorite from Mongolia: it's a pity that prices are very high!  From the same mine different kind of Fluorite sometimes on Lollingite crystals

A new find of bright Siderite on Chalcopyrite from Haunggangliang Iron mine in Inner Mongolia, A.R., China

New show yellow calcite from China

Bright golden Baryte on white quartz

A lot of high quality Fluorite specimens: same new, same old finding, ...but always among the best in the world
Always attractive Pyromorphite speciemens Prase Quartz from China: the green color is due to actinotite inclusions


From India a lot of material, no many new thing but a very good quality

...a funny thing from India: puffy white Okenite among coral aggregate of Chalcedony

Another new find: interesting association with perfectly trasparent cubic Apophillite on a ball of red ...maybe Fluorite, maybe Stilbite (...we have received different answer from indian dealer!!!)


From Russia no many new thing (...we had already this impression in the Inn Suite Hotel)

....a good selection of Rubellite from Baikal Lake Nice gemmy Apatite in association with smoky quartz
Large quantity and high quality of Cuprite: on native copper or in floating small aggregate, ..but always with high price


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