update 06/02

Days Inn, Rapa River and Riverpark Inn area

To visit this area near the Highway you need a lot of time and sometimes a little of sense of humor; at the end of your walk probably you'll not find what you are looking for ....but many other things: a different way to see rocks and minerals, a different face of this world!


Anyway in this area it's possible find same good mineral dealers with interesting specimens

As usual here there is the locations of Herkimer dealers, so only here it's possible see same good samle of this classic from USA

Always in this area same dealers from Pakistan with first quality material: here a good Aqua

...a huge exceptional Tourmaline

...perfect deep pink Morganite

...good stuff of mixed specimens from Pakistan and Afghanistan
...gemmy quality Aqua ...big Herderite on matrix
A good selection of Emeralds and Euclase from Colombia Hematite from Brazil
Same old classic: a huge Ametyst from Guerrero A good stuff of Tourmaline from Himalaya Mine




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