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What's New!
Only few canadian phosphates in the show, also from Asbestos only same old specimens


Same high quality Serandite from Mont Saint Hilaire
Material from Sweet Home and Red Cloud are always less!! ...and also copper from Michigan is present only from old collections


About classics: high quality Amazonite specimens from Colorado, Benitoite from California and golden Baryte from Montana and from South Dakota;  interesting Barrerite from Alaska; the usual quality of Herkimer quartz
  • Nice Amethyst scepter from Montana
  • Fine Caledonites from California
Low level quality of Amethyst from Vera Cruz and also the Wulfenites from los Lamentos wasn't present Mexico A good selection of high quality Azurites with Malachites from Milpillas
Interesting sulfides from Guanajanto (Polybasite, Achantite, Stephanite, ..)
  • Globular Mottramite from Ojuela Mine
  Perý A good quantity and quality of red Rhodo, Scheelites on quartz, Orpiment with Galena, Alabandite and Rhodo
  • Anorpiment: only few specimens of this new mineral species
  • Bright small Realgar crystals from Quiruvilca
  • A new find of Rhodocrosite from Uchucchacua Mine
  • Outstanding big Vivianite crystals from Huanuni
Brazilianite: very difficult to find in this show, ...but also other classic from Brazil (Tourmaline, Topaz, Apatites) in very low quantity Brazil  
  • Small gemmy green emerald
  Australia Outstanding Crocoites but also same good specimens from classic localities of this country
  • New find of Pyromorphite in association with Crocoite
Difficult to impossible find specimens of red Wulfenite, Inesite, Cinnabar ...and all material from Yaoganxian China Good quality material from Sichuan Region, Rhodo and golden Baryte
  • A lot of new specimens from the new mine in the Inner Mongolia: Pink, blue and trasparent Fluorites, Arsenopyrite
  • New brown to green Andradite from Inner Mongolia
  • Nice Ilvaite on Prase Quartz
  • Rare Genthelvite
  • Nice Helvite
  • Same new kind of Fluorites from different localities
  India The usual big quantity and variety, ...this year also with a good quality!
  • Showy red Scolecite with Chalcedony hat
  • Nice trasparent Apophyllite on red ball of Fluorite (?)
  • Puffy white Okenite among coral aggregate of Chalcedony
  Pakistan & Afghanistan Good quantity and quality of classic specimens from these countries: fluorites, topaz, tourmaline, aquamarine, lapis, ...
  • Deep red Hessonite crysrtals in complex aggregate from Pakistan
  • New pink Morganite with pale green head
  • Green Tourmaline with clear head from Stak Nala
  • Very big Hessonite crystals on mica
  • Oustanding gemmy  Topaz
  • Nice Childrenite associated with topaz, quartz and albite from Pakistan
Nothing from Kola Peninsula and from urals region Russia The usual quantity and quality of specimens from Dal'negorsk, gemmy Rubellites from Baikal Lake, a large quantity of Cuprite crystals.
  South Africa Incredible: in the show were present a discrete selection of Rhodo from classic South Africa Mines; in the show a lot of Olmiite with nice colour from low to high quality
  Namibia Good selection of Dioptase from Kaokoveld
  • New Wulfenites from Kaokoveld
  Tanzania A good quantity and quality of Tanzanite crystals; around also good Tzavorites and gemmy Diopsides
  • Outstanding green to red Tourmaline in big well defined crystals
  • New gemmy calcite
  Middle Africa  
  Morocco This is not the show for Morocco material, amyway good Erytrithe specimens, good quality skutterudite and same nice Vanadinite lots
  Mediterranean Europe Outstanding classic Sulphur specimens from Sicily
Same old specimens from classic european  localities
  • Unusual Jadeite from Greece
  • Interesting Chrome lawsonite from  Greece
  Middle Europe  
  Scandinavia and UK  


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